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Benefits for original equipment manufacturers

Intellectual Property Protection in China

AS an OEM, your Intellectual Property is at the heart of your business and the safety of intellectual property protection is paramount to your business. Using CEJX Ltd protects your intellectual property in China. Firstly, we sign our contracts under English law in the UK with a UK business. Secondly, as your sub-contractor, we are the only company that will put your product together in China – even if we use sub-contractors they will only be able to make small parts of your product, not the whole thing. Thirdly, we are sub-contractors not an OEM ourselves so we do not make or distribute similar products, we make your product to your order.

Good communication is also a vital area of your intellectual property protection in China to ensure the success of a project. We have a UK business which is staffed by English and Chinese staff, and many of our China staff speak or understand English. There is no hiding behind language “misunderstandings”, no false promises and, if we get a problem, you will be the first to know!

We give you a virtual production line in China. At no cost to yourself, other than normal tooling cost, we will set up a line dedicated to your products. You decide what you want us to make and when! You cannot get a lower risk entry into having your product manufactured in China.

Given a few months notice, we have virtually unlimited capacity in China. Our second factory is underway and we have a third, 44 acre site, available. Whatever your capacity needs are, we can satisfy them.

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CEJX - Benefits for original equipment manufacturers