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Low Cost Manufacture - Reduce your costs & your risks

We know what you want – low cost manufacture and lower prices. Apart from the fact that we have huge capacity, there is no other reason to buy from China. What CEJX Ltd does is to allow you access to those lower prices and low cost manufacture without the costs or risk associated with normal sourcing routes, joint ventures, or opening your own factory in China. Here is what we offer to mitigate your risks.

Firstly, we can set up a line for you with no capital costs except tooling (unless you require specialised testing machines). Our tooling costs are very competitive, even with other Chinese companies, but our low cost manufacture will certainly be a lot cheaper than the UK.

Secondly, we guarantee your Intellectual Property Protection under English Law (see “benefits for OEM’s” page).

Thirdly, we ensure western standards are maintained, sub-standard materials are not substituted (where a Chinese equivalent is used, it will only be after the customer’s explicit permission) for specified materials, and testing is done and recorded to the customer’s specification. In short – you get what you specify.

Fourthly, for low cost manufacture, we can handle all your logistics, and even store a “buffer stock” in the UK to cope with fluctuations in your demand.

Finally, we keep you informed throughout the process, and ensure we are just as easy to contact as any UK supplier.

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