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CEJX produces metal components and fabrications but also produces finished goods, in a box, made of metal, plastic etc, with appropriate electronics if required. We use castings, extrusions, plastics, even wood, to complement our in-house metal processes.  Our various sub-contractors are developed over time to achieve Western quality levels but are carefully monitored by our own staff throughout the sub-contract process.

IN HOUSE – We produce pressings by Power Presses and CNC Punch Presses, we cut and bend tube, we fabricate using Mig and Tig processes, we paint with our own powder coating plant, and we assemble, test and pack. Assembly includes wiring and other internal assemblies.

SUB-CONTRACTORS – approved sub-contractors produce aluminium extrusions, castings, plastic mouldings and extrusions, mdf and other wood products, turned parts and precision machined parts.

We produce high quality healthcare products, bicycle parts, gaming machine parts, plastic pet products, car accessories and many other OEM products. Many of our customers start with components but, as they get more and more confident with our service, we often end up making the whole thing for them.

Many, many products are within our scope but those products outside our scope include items weighing much more than 50 kilos, and very high tolerance parts such as those for aerospace or mainstream automotive.

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