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Our service to you

Your solution to Chinese Manufacturing, Supply and Sourcing problems

Remember, you are not talking to a UK agent, you are talking to the owners when you contact our UK office. Not only is communication with China made simple using our UK people but you will always be able to get hold of someone who will understand your supply and sourcing problems and what you want. Most importantly, in the rare case there is a manufacturing, supply and sourcing problem, you will be informed straight away, usually with our suggested solution. We won't be unavailable, we won't make false delivery promises that we never intended to keep, we wont make things out of cheaper materials – in short, you will get UK level service but Chinese level prices.

Providing the total per customer per annum is over £100,000 we will look at surprisingly small individual product volumes. We load and ship our own containers so we break our own containers in the UK and ship to you. For larger volumes we can ship containers direct or even store in the UK and deliver on a KanBan or call off basis.

We will call to see you on a regular basis in the UK and our aim is to develop a long term, mutually beneficial, relationship. You are always welcome to visit us out in China.

China Manufacturing & Sourcing